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Forestry Investment Analysis

Investment analysis; cashflow appraisals.

  • John Clegg & Co is a specialist in the forestry market and applies its knowledge to prepare detailed forecasts of income and expenditure over the life of a forestry investment.
  • Whether you are a new investor or one with existing woodlands an appraisal of the future cashflow can assist in planning and understanding what the forest can do for you.
  • Income from timber sales depends on crop quality, growth rates, location and timing.
  • Once the basic framework is established the forecast may be varied to show the effect of changed assumptions - eg delayed felling; inflation etc - to give a clear picture of how the forest might perform in the short, medium or longer term.
  • For forest acquisition a cashflow is a vital tool in planning the investment and ensuring that it can meet the owner's objectives.
  • For existing owners an appraisal may highlight a number of factors not previously considered and assist in keeping the investment on track.